Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone Review

As with many new models of wireless headphones today to choose from in the market, it can be sometimes difficult and not easy to select which among these newly designed headphones is the best and really suits to one’s choice.

If you are one of those who are still confused with these kinds of accessories and cannot decide which one to buy, then maybe it is best to review first such models to ensure your option.

And to help you, below is a review of one of the best headphone which is really a perfect choice for your pocket as well.

With many headphones technology to choose from, the Beats Studio by Dr. Dre headphone is a great option, why?

It is because it can be described as a very comfortable over-air wireless headphone that does not only offer great sounds via Bluetooth but it also offers excellent numbers of features that adds to its overall design and performance.

With this description, there is no doubt that it can be the choice of people in the market.

Beats Studio Headphones FeaturesBeats by Dr Dre Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

There are many good things regarding the Beats Studio headphones. Aside from the fact that it has been reimagined and redesigned, it includes features that you will find great to use such as it is comfortable, strong, sexy and light with precision sound, remote talk, twenty hour rechargeable battery and adaptive noise cancelling.

Moreover, the Bluetooth headphones features all the excitement and energy you may expect from beats, plus its reengineered and powerful sound. Such features mentioned are just some of the best highlights that you will experience when you choose to buy this.

Along with these mentioned features, below is a detailed features review for each one.

  • More comfortable, strong and light headphone. Compared to other new designed headphones, Beats wireless headphone is specifically designed to beat your choice.The design of this is like a like a new model of beautiful sports car and was made very light for it shaved off thirteen percent from the original weight, which gave it a more comfortable, strong and light headband.Also, the ear cups was created soft and it includes an ergonomic bellow to create custom fit and flexible for every shape of the head, so you can hear its music and sound all to yourself, without any problems involved.
  • 20-hour rechargeable battery. For sure, the battery of this headphone is what you are concerned about, right?

    Having dead batteries can be irritating.

    beats by dr dreThus, it can disturb the sound but with this over-ear headphone, this is not anymore a problem because it comes with a twenty hour rechargeable battery, so you can charge it whenever you want.

    To prevent the waste of energy, it features an auto on and off, so you can turn off the headphone when you unplug it and with its battery fuel gauge, you will know how much will be the remaining battery.

    Another good thing about the Beats Studio headphones is that it can be charged with the use of micro USB almost anywhere.

  • Adaptive noise canceling. Another feature of wireless over-the-ear headphone is that it has an adaptive noise canceling that you can use to reduce the noise from your environment, so you will not be disturbed while listening to music. Adaptive noise canceling creates balance between the outside noise and your music automatically. If you only want to use it to stop or cancel the outside noise, the ANC-only mode automatically increases the noise level cancellation to create a quite mode you wanted.This is one of the features that for sure, will make your day enjoyable and peaceful while listening to your favorite music.
  • Feel the music of Beats studio headphone with DSP software. For you to feel the music with Beats headphones, the beats acoustic engine will make your listening experience real, personal and intimate.It has a DSP software that was specifically designed to generate music that will make your listening experience truly amazing and emotional whatever sound you want to play.

Regarding Beats Studio overall performance, all features for new evolution of headphone is here, so there is no need for you to think much about it because the company that is behind the creation of this headphone ensures to provide you a superior music experience with great features as well.



The Final Review – Are Beats Studio Bluetooth Headphones Worth The Money? 

With the mentioned features of Beats wireless headphone above, you can now therefore conclude that it is truly perfect and suitable to your needs.

For those who have already tried using the headphone, they said that it is the one that would answer all your expectations. So to completely answer your question, there is no doubt about it that the Beat Studio Over-Ear Headphones are the really worth the money. See some actual review here:

Beats dr Dre Studio Wireless Headphones Reviews


As you can see, this over-ear wireless headphones were rated positivelly by more than 1500 actuall customers! Not too many products can have this much reviews. Click the image above and read what real customers are actuall saying about this product.

Having the list of mentioned features, you will not have to look for another one because everything is already here in this model.

From design, performance to features, these are all made possible just to give you the best noise cancelling over-ear headphones you always wanted. With Beats Studio headphones, you have made a good choice.

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