HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Honest HyperX KHX-H3CL/WR Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Cloud gaming has now become a popular and in-demand gaming online. In this type of gaming, it necessarily requires the use of a cloud headset that fits to the unique gaming needs of people.

In any of their personal style or play style, this simply is useful for their fun and enjoyment. This also doubles the excitement for its comfort and convenience brought to users.

It is a good thing that there is a lot of cloud gaming headsets to purchase on the market today. HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset ReviewThey usually come in different models and prices.

The HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset is truly a good product to buy for its many benefits, features and specifications to offer.

HyperX KHX H3CL WR Description

The HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset is designed to deliver an intense audio with high, mid and low tones and enhanced bass-reproduction. This also promises you of winning and not of losing yourself.

Its unique design, headband and leatherette-padded cups will add up a comfortable and convenient gaming experience.

In addition, this is specifically optimized for pro-gaming. This is also designed to be compatible with note books, personal computers, airplanes, mobile phones, Xbox One and PS4 Consoles.

For SK-Gaming and Team Liquid, this Hyperx Cloud is the official headset that is being used.

The product also comes with enhanced accessories like ear cushions, airplane adapter, travel friendly mesh bag that will take your next game on the go. The company behind the product is the HyperX that mainly supports the best gaming teams around the world.

Who Should Buy The HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset?

Among those who can greatly benefit from the product are exactly the ones who give value to a gaming experience. The comfort and the convenience that it brings is enough to meet their guaranteed satisfaction. Especially for those who are in such a professional audio or gaming environment, they can most likely enjoy the product.

HyperX KHX H3CL WR Features:

The HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset is recommended because of the following features that it has:

  • Headphone over-the-ear along its detachable microphone and noise isolating ear cups
  • Fifty-three millimeters hifi capable drivers and a fifteen to twenty-five kilohertz frequency response
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Compatibility with notebooks, PCs, airplane adapters, tablets and PS4 consoles


Why You Should Buy HyperX KHX H3CL WR?

HyperX KHX H3CL WR HeadsetThe following are the main benefits to using the HyperX KHX H3CL WR Cloud Gaming Headset:

  • Unique Design– The product just mainly comes with its unique design and all its other accessories required such as velour ear cushions, leather, airplane adapter and mesh bag that will take the game on the go.
  • Easy to Use and Unplug Microphone– The product has its slimmer sized mic windshield that is easy to use and unplug. This just exactly promises a good gaming experience. This can be unplugged easily while listening to music.
  • A Great Headset for Normal-Sized or Small-Sized Heads– This is indeed a great headset for its clear audio sound and comfort brought to a user. For those who have normal-sized or small-sized heads, this one is just exactly the right option to consider.
  • Sound is Very Good-The cloud gaming headset is favorably a good option to consider. This is a lot better than those expensive headphones. This just promises a good sound that will leave you wanting it for more as a headset. One will also be able to find it much easier hearing over the game.

The Minor Cons You Should Be Aware Before Buying:

  • The only minor issue that could be noticed with the cloud gaming headset is that the microphone broke off right after a month’s use. This is according to a testimonial coming from a user. Nevertheless, this may be the case if one does not take cautions and does not maintain it properly and carefully.

Customer HyperX KHX H3CL WR Headset Reviews and Ratings

The Hyper x cloud has somehow received positive reviews for being an extremely comfortable headset to use. It was an amazing headphone and it was of quality construction. The solid feel and the attachments and accessories just met their utmost satisfaction.

The good sound of the product also impressed them the most. It received 4.3 out of 5 stars from among its users.

Conclusion? – Should You Buy HyperX KHX H3CL WR Headset?

The HyperX KHX-H3CL/WR Cloud Gaming Headset is the best choice for a cloud gaming headset to buy because of the excellent features, benefits it can offer and a whole lot more.

Being an official headset for SK-Gaming and Team Liquid, it is indeed the option to ever consider among other products to buy on the market. Its compatibility to tablets, notebooks, PCs, airplane adapters and mobile phones just made it an even more excellent product.

This is also great for it is sold at a very affordable price that just set it different from the rest of the gaming headset products.


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