Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphones Review

Beats Solo2 Review – Are These Wired On-Ear

Headphones Really That Great?

Are you searching for a durable, lighter type of on-ear headphone to use while listening to your favorite music? Do you want a set of on-ear headphones that allow you to listen to your phone calls easily?

A lot of people want a set of headphones, which meet this need and if so, look no further than the Beats Solo2 on-ear headphones.

Who Could Buy or Benefit from these Beats Solo 2 Headphones?

State of the art Beast Solo headphones is virtually assured to be extremely popular. They do not

beats solo 2 wired headphones review
beats solo 2 wired headphones review

trade away any of the factors that fascinated people to the Solo HD, at the same time making a few adjustments.

Amongst the peers, the most remarkable element in the beats Solo is the noise isolation that blocks out more sound opposed to other leading on-ear headphones out there, and this is suitable for use in the gym. This livens up your everyday training.

The Description – What Is The Fuss About Solo 2 Wired Headphones?

Beats most renowned headphone had been reformed from the inside out. Improved and updated acoustics, the Solo2 allows you feel music with a broader range of sound as well as improved clarity.

Lightweight, durable and streamlined, this compact on-ear headphone is comfortable to wear. Take your favorite music with you anywhere you go, with beats solo2.

The Features and Specifications of the Beats Solo2:

  • Altered for Emotion, Made for Sound
  • The Solo2 from Beats has reshaped in order to maximize your listening experience.
  • Improved Sound

Engage yourself in an open, emotional experience. This latest headphone has a livelier, wider array of sound that has clarity which will bring listeners closers to what the singer intended.

It doesn’t matter if you are into heavy metal, hip-hop, electronic or jazz, you’ll feel the higher reliability of sound in your Beats Solo2.

  • Custom comfort

Intended for comfort, beginning at the middle of the bendable headband, the frame of this headset has been bent like never before, which give this headphone a sense of custom fit.

Ear cups of Solo2 have been slanted to complete the natural fit, with pivot for utmost comfort as well as audio delivery. The ear cups are made of a premium material that assists dissipate heat at the same time lessen sound outflow.

  • Streamlined Design

The advanced solo 2 headphone boasts an efficient look at fast fluid curves and without visible screws. Material selection has made a tougher headphone which is armed for prolonged use.

Easy to fold, this high quality headset is always on the go. Due to its color-matched RemoteTalk wire, you can skip songs, or alter the volume as well as take calls, without the need of reaching your device. This headset is compatible with iOS devices.

Solo 2 Pros- The Good Things About These Wired Headphones

  • This wired on-ear headphones from Beat combines the trend of having an option of many colors with transducers and a powerful neodymium magnet to provide users the best appearance and audio if they want to rock the night away with their songs and forget the world.
  • This state of the art headset according to current Beats Solo2 review shows is more remarkable than the old version. Build quality is better, however it doesn’t stop with the quality of build, the quality of sound is also amazing opposed to the old solo line.
  • The sound is relatively better, the lower end still extremely present however not overpowering so you can hear the mid and high range clearly with clarity and detail.
  • This can block out ambient sounds which can otherwise interfere with the tunes listening pleasure or the clearness of the phone calls.

beats solo 2 wired on ear headphones reviewBeats 2 Cons – What You Should Be Aware Before Buying Beats Solo2 Headphones?

  • Despite of the many advantages the Beats Solo2 provide it also comes with some drawbacks. One negative seen is that they are relatively quite a tight fit right out of the box, on the other hand, it will start to loosen up with a couple of weeks of using with a good amount of wear time.
  • Another negative is that it comes with similar carry case which the old model also came package, which according to some users do not really provide much security to the fact that it is not a hard shell case. On the other hand, they do a nice padding on the interior so to not to scratch the unit.
  • Another complaint is the fact that they do not offer a matte finish version that a lot of music lovers will prefer over the sleek and shiny finish that makes the product a finger print magnet. All in all, still a lot of users are happy with this product.

Customer Reviews of The Solo Beats2 Wired Headphones:

Over 3000 Beats wired headphones reviews from real customers shows that this product is really excellent when it now comes to quality of sound and durability. In fact, it gets high scores and lots of positive reviews online, but as the technology improves, we believe that the Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphone are much better and more comfortable to wear.



In general, when you are searching for a super lightweight pair of headphones which will provide you a remarkable sound and good quality of durability and craftsmanship, look at Beats Solo2 on-hear headphone the next time you visit your favorite electronics store.



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